Thursday, June 16

Top 9 things a Governor does not want to hear from staff

9) “I know Governor, but Glenn McConnell has pictures.”

8) “No Governor, we can not make the call sign of a plane you are on Air National Guard One.”

7) “Sorry, Governor, Donald Trump says next years Celebrity Apprentice is already booked up.”

6) “Governor, you got an urgent email from Ex Congressman Weiner.  He says he wants you to forget you ever got the pictures he sent.”

5) “ Governor, Jakie Knotts is in pretty good health and is running for re-election”

4) “Sorry Governor but the agents protecting you do not have to serve as wait staff for you and your friends.”

3) “Calm down, Governor, sure, the approval ratings are low, but they are a couple of points above your age, so we got something there.”

2) “No, Governor, you cannot fire members of the State Supreme Court.”

1) “Ah, come on Governor, another blogger?  Geeez!”
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