Sunday, June 5


Sixty-sevn years ago, thousands of Allied forces died during the greatest invasion the world has ever known.  Led by Supreme Allied Commander General Dwight D. Eisenhower, thousands of Americans, British, Canadian and free French soldiers took on the German fortress that was occupied Normandy in France.  

Though it seems hard to believe, the issue was in doubt for much of the day.  German forces were extraordinarily well fortified and casualty rates for the first waves of attackers were larger than expected.  Indeed, the issue was in such doubt that General Eisenhower walked around that day with a statement in his pocket about how the invasion had failed and forces were withdrawing back to England.  

Of course, the note was not needed. The drive and intensity of the men fighting that day carried that day.  Frankly, we often think of our grandfather when it comes to anything from World War II.  Too often people  see it as old and slow.  

Well, it wasn't.  Looking for some way to honor the men of D-Day, the staff came across a tribute video set to Iron Maiden's "Longest Day," which was about D-Day.  It shows the intensity and speed of events.  Enjoy and look at that old guys a different way.  God Bless those Men.  They saved the world from tyranny. 

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