Tuesday, December 6

Seventy Years Ago Today

Sunday, December 7th, 1941 started out as a typical Sunday morning in Hawaii.  United States Army and Navy personnel were either nursing hangovers or preparing to attend church.  But, as the sun rose on Hawaii, the Japanese Navy task force attacked Wheeler Air Field and Pearl Harbor Navy Base.  It ranked as one of the greatest surprise attacks in military history and dealt a solid blow to the United States. 

Yet, it turned out be a blunder.  For the surprise attack on the United States awoken a sleeping giant who would prove to be terrible in its resolve.  Japan would four years later be devastated.  The United States would take the stage as a world superpower.  

That said, there were sailors and soldiers lost that day.  Those who survived that day are now dwindling in their numbers.  But, we should never forget what happened that day and the spirit of nation awoken to defend itself.  

VUI offers Franklin Roosevelt's stirring speech on December 8th, 1941 below.  Never forget Pearl Harbor! 

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