Tuesday, June 28

Gamecocks do it again

When the South Carolina Gamecocks won the national championship in baseball last year, the staff of VUI thought we saw a once in a lifetime event.  Winning a national championship in any college sport is difficult.  When it happens for your school, it is something to savor.  Winning back to back titles, well that is incredible.  The only other South Carolina college or university to pull off such a feat in any college sport is Lander University.  At Lander , the men's tennis team had a string of national championships at the NAIA and NCAA division II levels.  

What South Carolina did in baseball this year was simply incredible.  They overcame injuries to key players, had key players play hurt, made outstanding plays in the toughest of situations, and defended their national championship with heart and class.  Other teams had more talent.  But, those others teams did not play like champions like the Gamecocks did. 

Congratulations to Coach Ray Tanner, his staff, and his players.  We also say " thank you" to them for showing the world what Palmetto State champions are made of.  

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