Wednesday, June 1


Prison psychology relates to the application of psychology within a correctional setting. Writing in his article "Ethical Concerns Within the Practice of Correctional Psychology", Michael Decaire notes that "The correctional psychologist’s primary mission is to assist in offender rehabilitation and reintegration. Additionally, the psychologist enhances staff and inmate safety by promoting a healthy institutional environment.All crime exists as the result of a root, sometimes external and other times due to deep-seated psychological issues within the person. If simply punishing a person decreased crime then it would have been abolished centuries ago. In the past, the judicial system used public humiliation, beatings, and even torture as a means to force people to follow the rules.Inmate Behavior Management: The Key to a Safe and Secure Jail presents six key elements that, in combination, will help jails reduce a wide array of negative, destructive, and dangerous inmate behavior. Jails that fully implement these elements should experience a safer, more secure, and more orderly environment. Once such an environment is established, jail practitioners will have an excellent foundation on which to build an array of inmate programs and services or to develop innovative approaches to operations, if they so choose.
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