Friday, December 9

Flounder floundering on his staff?

A couple of blogs in South Carolina, and our sources confirm, that State Rep. Thad Viers is having a campaign staff shakeup going on.  

Loyal readers know Viers.  We call him Flounder.  Because no one in South Carolina politics reminds us more of the Animal House character than Viers.  Not only does Viers look like the character, he has acted like him over the years.  Who can forget Viers having to get legal counsel after his nasty phone calls to his soon to be ex in laws?  And, his reputation in Columbia, well it is Flounder worthy.  

Now, South Carolina's Flounder wants to be a Congressman.  The newly drawn Seventh District of South Carolina gives him the chance.  And, really, who can blame the guy?  If getting loaded and calling people up is your talent, among other things, why not join those in Congress? 

The problem appears that Flounder's campaign is, in a word, floundering.  Despite some nice fundraising numbers, Viers can not get traction in the race.  So, South Carolina's Flounder is borrowing from the Dean and tossing out some political hands.  Good for him.  Now, if he will just say "Fat, drunk  and stupid is no way to go through life...," we might have some respect for him.  

But, for now, we at VUI will remain "fat, drunk and intelligent," and say the latest developments in the Viers campaign for Congress will likely keep him from joining his cohorts in D.C.  But, we do hope Viers runs for re-election in the SC House.  It would be boring to comment without him.   Who knows. "Fat, drunk and stupid," describes most member of Congress so Viers might just make it after all.

Thank you, Rep. Viers for the material.  
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