Wednesday, June 1


Transpersonal psychology is a form of psychology that studies the transpersonal, self-transcendent or spiritual aspects of the human experience.Transpersonal psychology developed from earlier schools of psychology including psychoanalysis, behaviorism, and humanistic psychology. Transpersonal psychology attempts to describe and integrate spiritual experience within modern psychological theory and to formulate new theory to encompass such experience. Types of spiritual experience examined vary greatly but include mysticism, religious conversion, altered states of consciousness, trance and spiritual practices. Although Carl Jung and others explored aspects of the spiritual and transpersonal in their work.Transpersonal psychology is a psychology of health and human potential. While recognizing and addressing human psychopathology, transpersonal psychology does not derive its model of the human psyche from the ill or diseased, but sees the individual as one engaged in the process of development toward full humanity.Transpersonal psychology approaches the individual as a whole person. It seeks a balanced development of the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, social, and creative aspects of one's life. In so doing, it integrates ancient transformative and healing practices, such as shamanism, yoga, and meditation, with traditional psychology
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