Sunday, August 14

Think the debt ceiling fight did not matter? Think again

The debt ceiling fight between Congress and the President made great headlines.  It made financial institutions think about things.  Some say it led to Standard and Poor's to lower the the US credit rating.  It certainly made interesting news for the cable news networks.  

Another thing the debate on the debt ceiling accomplished is not not noted.  Democrats and Republicans alike do not want this secret out about what their political game playing meant.  But, we at VUI, we tell it straight.  

Strong sources in the military tell us that military pay checks did not go out on time.  The staff of VUI has been told directly, by members of the military, that they did not get their pay checks on time.  Their pay checks were delayed.  The blame was put on the budget showdown.  

Fair enough.  VUI made clear, a over a week ago that the SC DOT could not pay its bills.  Now the mainstream media is picking up on it.  That insult to hard working contractors was and is outrageous.  

But, even more outrageous is the fact, and we have verified, the fact that hard working military folks, the folks we ask to defend our way of life, were delayed paychecks because of political points being made, both right and left.  While politicians were scoring points, playing golf, getting face time on cable news shows, the men and women of the military were being told, "wait another week" for their pay.  

Those folks did get paid.  But, that is not the point.  With what we pay the military, so many of  those folks and their families live paycheck to paycheck.  Holding a paycheck for several days puts those folks in a bind. The fact that payment to them was denied because of political gamesmanship on both sides is a dadgummed outrage.  

We ask the men and women of the military to give, as Lincoln put it, "the full measure of devotion," to our nation.  In return, our political leaders get in a urinating contest that results in folks not being paid on time.  It is an outrage.  Indeed, the insult to the military and to us all, is deep from these clowns.  They would rather score political points then run the country.  Consultants say do this to win the Tea Party. Other consultants say this to win the Move On crowd.  All the while, actually running the country gets left all alone. No wonder we have the problems we do.  We elected them. 

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