Wednesday, December 7

Top 9 things you might want to avoid giving as holiday gifts

It is the Christmas Season.  A time that people feel the need to give gifts to the kids, friends and loved ones in their lives.  It can be confusing.  We at VUI are here to help. We offer the Top 9 things you might want to avoid giving as gifts.  

9) The Lego Meth Lab set

8) Fruitcake and tea…it ends up in a Tea Party

7) Monopoly, the Chinese version…where the Chinese own all the mortgages on the streets and Board Walk is Board Wok, and when you land on it, you get a collection notice from the Chinese government.

6) Women’s wear from the Ken Ard Collection… but we hear it is discounted by campaign funds.

5) The conspiracy book named, “Why NASCAR always turns Left:  The Truth about how that ‘forergner’ Obama is trying to lure Rednecks to Think Left and Be Liberal

4) Cookies and milk for Santa.  Let’s face it the guy is overweight and probably has high blood sugar.  You really want to give an elderly overweight diabetic cookies and milk?

3) The video game named “Penn State Ball Boy Challenge”

2) The Nikki Haley action doll.  You squeeze it and it goes, “Give me some money and I will give you your port” and “I never messed around with bloggers” and “It is a great day in South Carolina.”

1) The “Herman Cain and Friends Very Special Christmas” DVD.  Trust us; it’s not for kids and most adults. 
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