Sunday, January 1

The truth about South Carolina and taxes and state government

The Tax Foundation came out with his list of the most taxed and least taxed states to live in and retire in.  South Carolina was listed as the second least taxed state in the union, behind Mississippi.  (There is always Mississippi to count on in lesser wanted rankings such as health care and education so it figures they would top South Carolina in something we would actually want.)

Such a fact does not deter those activists and bloggers who cry out that South Carolina is an overtaxed, over spending bloated place.  They drone on and on about how the structure of government needs to be changed, and how money is all but stolen from people.  But, the fact remains South Carolinians enjoy the lowest state and local tax burden in the country, but for Mississippi.  And, Mississippi's claim is questionable when one considers that South Carolina collects less taxes per ca pita.  

Those who work in once were thought essential government services, such as law enforcement and education do not have to be told we take in less money than most.  They deal with cuts that really affect the services that they can provide.  If that is how the people of South Carolina want things to be,  fair enough.  

But, what is nonsensical is the notion that we in South Carolina are taxed to extremes and that our state government is just some bloated mess.  The numbers do not have an agenda.  They are what they are.  Compared to the rest of the nation, South Carolina lives on a spartan budget.

There lies the dilemma for Governor Haley and Republican activists on the web and elsewhere.  Do they tout the good standing of South Carolina when it comes to taxing and spending, or do they keep droning on about how bad it is when it really isn't?  What is their real agenda?  Is to make state government more efficient in how it provides services or is it to have no state government at all?  

And, as for those out of state groups and individuals who like to dump their money to campaign for "conservatism" in South Carolina, perhaps they should see there are 48 other states where their money might be better spent.  South Carolina seems to be doing just fine on taxing and spending, thank you very much.  And, we need political leaders who brag on that so we can attract real economic development and jobs.  The naysayers can pack their carpet bags and go back to their home states where the problems really are. 
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