Tuesday, January 3

Can a man who believes drinking coffee and tea is a sin be elected President?

The results in Iowa are good news for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.  He will finish in the top two, with upstarts Rick Santorum and Ron Paul close to him.  As things stand at this posting, it is Romney, Santorum and Paul, in that order.  

That is good news for Romney.  Romney should have a solid win in the New Hampshire.  That will give him momentum going into South Carolina.  But, there is where the questions will start.  

We ask the most basic of questions, will people vote for a President who thinks that drinking coffee and tea are a sin?  Romney is a devout Morman, not some lip serving follower, and according to the Word of Wisdom, supposedly revealed to Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon faith, by God, the consumption of tea and coffee is a sin.  So is the consumption of a Coca Cola.  

Now in the South, even the most devout among us like  a good cup of coffee in the morning and iced tea or Coca Cola with our meals.  Think about it.  Millions work hard every day, pray to God, go to Church, tithe, and are loyal to their families.  Yet, according to the Mormons they live in sin because they have a cup of coffee in the morning or drink a Coca Cola.  

Do not get VUI wrong, if Mormons want to believe that, so be it.  They are not lesser human beings for doing so.  But, do we want the leader who represents all of us to be someone who has beliefs that are so contrary to the rest of American values? 

Further, the irony is the Tea Party.  The consumption of tea is so ingrained in our history, both Southern and Northern.  It was the tax on tea that led to the real Tea Party before the American Revolution.  Now, will the new Tea Party really back a candidate for President whose faith contends that the consumption of the beverage they are known for is a sin?  It really makes no sense.  

Romney has money.  He has friends with money.  He is polished. But, do we really want a President whose Faith directs that a good cup of coffee on a cold morning and a cold glass of tea on a hot summer day are sins?  
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