Thursday, January 5

South Carolina to be Texas Governor Rick Perry's Alamo Stand

The battle of the Alamo was fought in Texas back in March of 1836.  Leading the soldiers of the Texas Republic who would all die in that battle was South Carolina native William Travis.  One of the last letters that Travis managed to get out from the besieged Alamo was marked on the envelope "Victory or Death" and its contents described how he thought he was doing God's Will.  

So it is fitting that the Governor of Texas makes his grand stand in South Carolina.  Rick Perry made very big gaffes in debates and came in fifth in Iowa.  Perry has little chance of doing better in New Hampshire.  The situation caused Governor Perry to pause for a moment to reassess his chances.  Then, he chose to come stand in South Carolina. 

It is not a bad political move.  South Carolina has not warmed to Mitt Romney.  Rick Santorum is the flavor of the week in the GOP, but his lack of money and organization could derail his dream of being the challenger to Romney for the nomination. Bachman is out of the race and Gingrich seems to be staying in to go after Romney.  Paul is a spoiler at best. 

Thus, Rick Perry makes his stand in South Carolina.  If Perry somehow wins the Palmetto State, his money and contacts, and frankly, his record as Governor of Texas, all come into play and present a real challenge to Romney as the campaign heads into Florida and beyond. 

So its victory or Presidential political death for Governor Perry in South Carolina.  We are guessing Governor Perry would have it no other way.  After all, where better for a Texas Governor to either win or go down swinging than the state that gave Texas one of its greatest heroes?
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