Saturday, January 21

A helluva Presidential Primary

As predicted by the staff of VUI, this has been one helluva of a primary season in South Carolina.  We have received emails about Ron Paul not supporting marriage, Newt Gingrich wanting an open marriage and wanting one of his wives to commit an abortion, and Rick Santorum being in the mafia and his wife having an affair with an abortion doctor.  And, then there was the stuff about Mitt Romney,not only do his attackers call him liberal, they offer that he does not believe in Christ and believes in 12 Gods in 12 universes.  We are not kidding.  That is the stuff pitched to us to urgently run with. 

We ran with none of it.  As VUI predicted, this is the ugliest Presidential primary in South Carolina history.  Falsified emails, hit mail peaces and constant robo calls have been the political staple of late. 

The nonsense is not limited to emails to political bloggers.  The mail and phone calls to South Carolina voters has been bombarding.  Good people who dare to have voted in previous primaries have been subjected to constant mail and phone calls.  Folks can not eat their dinners in peace without some robo call interrupting it.  It does not even stop there.  VUI has learned that a Midlands school district office has had to deal with robo calls to one of their phone lines.  In other words, people who work for the taxpayers have to waste their time answering such calls.  Now, that is conservative, right?

Frankly, whomever wins the South Carolina Presidential Primary will leave South Carolina bloodied and battered.  The only real winners will be the people of South Carolina, who will be finally relieved of all the nonsense that they have been dealing with lately and President Obama, who looks better as as the mud storm continues. 
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