Saturday, March 31

Top 9 Things I just don't want to think about but do

9) How long before another South Carolina elected official ends up a subject of the Daily Show or Entertainment Tonight.

8) When a windshield bully will strike again and force me to make my insurance company pay for a new windshield for me. Those windshield bullies are everywhere. The radio ad tells me so.

7) President Palin

6) The average I.Q. of the United States Congress

5) What Mormons drink at a Tea Party.

4) How the world would react if Lt. Governor McConnell presided over the State Senate in his Confederate officer uniform.

3) How many people who the public helped to educate now want to attack public education

2) I hope President Obama is better at picking winners and losers in international affairs than he is at picking basketball.

1) Just what part of a chicken is considered the nugget?
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