Wednesday, March 21

Apparently SC's Flounder does not take rejection well

SC Representative Thad Viers, the "Flounder" of South Carolina politics, is leaving the political scene. Flounder resigned his South Carolina House seat as news broke that he is about to be indicted for harassing an ex-girlfriend. A few weeks earlier, Viers ended his campaign for the United States Congress.

This is not the first time that Viers has had an issue with former love interests. A few years ago, when VUI first dubbed Viers "Flounder," he was dealing with issues related to his ex wife's boyfriend and threatening phone calls.

Apparently, Flounder does not take rejection well.

Add that to the rumored partying around Columbia, and you get the perfect representative according the Nikki Haley- Howard Rich crowd. They love the guy. But, then again, maybe they do because they don't want to deal with how he would handle the rejection. But, that crowd spent tens of thousands of dollars keeping Viers in office to to their bidding. Flounder defines their idea of a public servant. South Carolinians for responsible government indeed!

Some parting advice.....

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