Tuesday, May 3

Thoughts about Usama Bin Laden's death

You would have to live under a rock not to know that the terrorist mastermind behind attacks on Americans for over a decade has been killed.  A lot of people are voicing various thoughts about the death of Usama Bin Laden and we at VUI have several of our own.  

First, what a great job the intelligence and military communities did in tracking down the evil UBL or SOB as we call him.  The Navy Seals who got the job done should be American heroes for life.  Though, we will likely never know their names or the names of the intelligence operatives who assisted them.  But, whomever they are, wherever they are, thank you! 

Second, give President Obama some credit for his part.  We at VUI are not fans of the President, but on this job, he got it done and it took some political guts.  The operation the President ordered was risky and was defiant to many in the leftist world that make up his base.  The President showed guts and ought to be be given his due for it.  There are other issues to fight him on politically, this one is not one of them. 

Third, the sniping about the President referring to himself in his remarks needs to be reconsidered.  I understand the issue with the President's ego.  But, what the President done by taking full responsibility was actually admirable.  By making it "his" call, he legally freed those in the chain of command from being hounded by those who will, at some point, likely tout how the operation violated international law and treaties.  Watch what Pakistan especially says and does over the next few weeks as the initial excitement dies down. The President made clear it was his responsibility and detractors could deal with him.  It is another issue you have to give the President high marks on. 

High marks also have to given to former President George W. Bush and his team.  They made it the policy of the United States to hunt down UBL relentlessly.  They engaged the United States in tactics that candidate Obama opposed but President Obama continued to use to finish the job.  

All the demonstrations in the streets of Washington and New York and beyond actually give us at VUI some pause.  Gloating over the death of an evil person is not really in American character.  We simply do what we have to do.  There is a sense in the public that the war on terror is over.  That might be premature.

UBL was the SOB we wanted to get.  But, there are still people out there hellbent on avenging his death and striking a blow against the United States.  The United States still has armed forces in harm's way in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The United States still has financial and economic problems that at times seems overwhelming.

The killing of Usama Bin Laden was a boost to the American spirit and a statement to the world that if you mess with us, we will hunt you down and kill you, and dump you in the ocean.  We will continue that hunt for a decade, through different Presidents of different political philosophies, but we will hunt you down. 

Other random thoughts:

What is it with bad guys like Bin Laden and Gaddifi having different spellings of their names in the accepted press out there?

Pakistan has some serious explaining to to.  The United States gave them money and trade deals since 2001 that were incredible, and UBL was living next door to their version of West Point in a city a good of their military retire to?  Come on.

Will Donald Trump take credit for this somehow?

Watch out for folks who say that UBL is not dead.  They will be the same ones who claim President Obama was born in Africa to a non American woman.  

Watch out for Jon Huntsman.  We at VUI wrote about him before and his possible GOP Presidential run.  The GOP will have to nominate a heavyweight like him to beat Obama now. Consider Palin, Trump and Balkman done.  Gingrich might suddenly become a factor.  Whoever does will have to take a lesson from Bill Clinton in 1991 when he gave Bush the Elder credit for the Gulf War, but ran on the economy. 

Finally, hat's off to the Greenwood, SC Index Journal for the best headline, "BASTARD'S DEAD!"
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