Friday, February 17

Health care reform,Five Most Important facts.

It's time to tune out the misinformation mission when it comes to health care reform. The political battle is over and President Obama and the Democratic party won. Health care reform is now the law of the land. The important thing now is that all Americans become informed about what this actually means for them and that's what this article aims to do with these five facts.

Fact #1: More Medicare Benefits

A big part of the Republican party's fear campaign on this bill was that it would cut Medicare benefits for seniors (and of course there was the "death panel" lie but that's too ridiculous to even consider.) The truth is actually the opposite. Because of this bill people on Medicare will have access to new benefits.

There will be an immediate $250 rebate for those who hit the "Donut Hole" this year and beginning next year there will be a 50% discount on all name brands in the "Donut Hole." By 2020 it will be closed entirely.

But that's not the only benefit, another big one is that beginning next year there will be no more co-pays for any preventative care visits! This will enable seniors to go to the doctor without having to worry about what it costs them because it will be free.

The bill also "balances the books" for Medicare through at least 2026.

Fact #2: This Bill Cuts The Deficit

Not only is this bill paid for, it actually cuts the deficit. It cuts the deficit by 130 billion dollars over the next 10 years and most impressively it cuts it by 1.3 trillion dollars over the next 20 years.

Fact #3: It's The Biggest Tax Cut For Small Businesses In History

Yes. You read that correctly. Available immediately will be new tax credits which will pay up to 35% of the health insurance costs of employees. By 2014 that number will be up to 50%. This will be a huge tax cut for small businesses so when the Republicans are running against this bill they are running for a huge tax increase on small businesses.

Fact #4: Denying Coverage Due To "Pre-Existing Conditions" Is Made Illegal

Because of this bill it will be illegal for health insurance companies to deny coverage to children due to pre-existing conditions as of September (6 months after the bill became law.) In 2014 this law will go into place for adults too.

Prior to this bill, it was entirely legal for a health insurance company to deny coverage to a newborn baby with a "pre existing condition." When the Republicans are running for repeal they are running for making that legal again.

Fact #5: 32 Million More Americans Will Get Health Care Coverage Because Of This Bill

Those running for repeal are running to kick 32 million of our fellow Americans to the curb regardless of how sick they are. That is truly "Anti-American."

Health Care Reform may have been scary (due to Republican lies about it) to some people in the abstract, but in reality it will be a huge positive for the vast majority of Americans. The Republican party deserves to be held accountable for the lies they told about health care reform. They put their party ahead of the American people and that's unacceptable.
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