Friday, February 10

Medicare and Medicaid

MEDICARE AND MEDICAID are both the backbone of health in USA.Most of the people residing outside USA are not aware of this term.When it comes to Medicare and Medicaid lets start with some important distinctions.I hate to be basic, but I want to make sure that we understand the difference. Medicare is a national Social Security program while Medicaid is a state-run governmental program. Currently, most people receive Medicare benefits when they turn 65 years old. You can also receive Medicare benefits after 24 months of disability.Your current assets and income have nothing to do with Medicare eligibility, and everything to do with Medicaid. You can have Medicare without Medicaid, Medicaid without Medicare, and you can have both Medicare and Medicaid. I'm going to deal here with the last combination of Medicare and Medicaid.

Medicare Benefits Combined with Medicaid Benefits
There are several levels of Medicaid depending on your state of residence as well as your income and assets. Medicaid helps pay some or all of the costs that Medicare does not pay. How much depends on the level of Medicaid assistance that you are receiving. In order to take advantage of both Medicare and Medicaid, you will have to use providers that will accept and file both. This is becoming more and more difficult as fewer providers are taking Medicaid now. The reason is that Medicaid pays a fraction of what Medicare and other insurances pay to the provider. Many Medicare and Medicaid recipients that were receiving care at no costs are starting to receive bills that they can not afford. This is why they are starting to look for other alternatives which they can use.

Do Medicare Advantage Programs Make Sense for People With Medicare and Medicaid?

There are Medicare Advantage programs that work with both Medicare and Medicaid. The important thing here is to make sure that you are joining a plan that is designed to work with both Medicare and Medicaid. If you don't you could end up receiving less benefits than what you currently have. One well-known company that offers these programs is Wellcare. Wellcare offers different programs depending on the level of Medicaid coverage that you qualify for. The advantage to these programs is more provider options as well as additional benefits such as dental, vision, and even transportation. Just make sure that you sign up on the right one. TIP: An easy way to get on to Medicaid is to apply for LIS which stands for Low Income Subsidy. When you do this, Social Security will send the information to the state to see if you qualify for assistance.
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