Wednesday, February 29

Romney will not get rid of "Obama Care"

Mitt Romney got his narrow win in Michigan Tuesday night, and like we at VUI predicted, Romney touted that narrow win as a great win. But, it was some of the words in his so called victory speech that gave us pause. Romney stated that he would repeal "Obama Care" upon taking office. That is just plain nonsense.

Romney is not alone. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich say the same thing to rally Republican voters. Ron Paul does not, because , frankly, Ron Paul is too honest. Paul knows how Washington works. The others go around beating their chests saying how they will repeal Obama Care, playing to an audience who has no idea that they can not.

Before you get too upset, let's assume Romney beats President Obama and is elected President of the United States. Their are some things to hamper the execution of the Affordable Health Care Act aka Obama Care that then President Romney can do. But repealing it, taking it off the books so to speak, it will not happen.

Here is why. Even if the Republicans have a great year, they get only a narrow control of the United States Senate. If the Republicans walk lock step with a then President Romney to repeal so called Obama Care, they still will not have the votes to stifle a sure filibusterer from the Democrats. All the Democrats need is 40 votes in the Senate to thwart any bill and they will have those votes when it comes to repealing Obama Care. It will be their mantra. They will be ticked at the defeat of Obama, and they will have constituents who demand retribution.

Thus Romney's idea of repealing so called Obama Care is a pipe dream, and an empty campaign promise. It is not going to happen. What will likely happen if Mitt Romney is elected President of the United States is that he will be the "white" Obama. Romney will get the briefings, face the political realities and then act about the same in most things as President Obama, if Romney has the sense of the men who have held the office.

Now before you think we are picking on Romney, remember the rhetoric of Barack Obama in 2008. Then Obama became President. As such he found out Bush was not so stupid on things like GITMO, Iraq and Afghanistan, among other issues. There is something about actually being the President of the United States that makes a man face reality.

As such, if Mitt Romney becomes the President of the United States, he will soon accept so called "Obama Care" because he will realize there is nothing he can really do to repeal it.
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